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Perfusion Technology Review Series

Hemetech continues to deliver fully live but online twice-a-year basic science and clinical activities preparation for perfusion board exams, planned for Spring and Fall in advance of the certification examination period. Additionally, a last minute INCLUDED online webinar will occur just prior to each examination window .

Registration Cost:
    $999 for scheduled live sessions which includes web resource portal access including practice exams, recordings of lectures, readings, practice calculations, flashcards and more!

Hemetech's Web Portal for Concise Collection of Perfusion Specific Material 

Hemetech uses our web domain, and, for the delivery of education content.  This includes all the material used in the Basic Science Review and Clinical Applications Review.  Extra materials include drug recommendations with insert references, text material, recommended readings, study guides, and previous review recordings are available for your preparations.  Plus, practice exams with solutions and follow-up explanations are available.  Additions include sets of flash cards added regularly with 7000+ questions including answers and source! Our resource material is a generous and unique supplement to educational material! 

In The News
2023 Fall PTR
Review Dates Schedule
estimated test period
October 11-14, 2023

The schedule for the LIVE Perfusion Technology Review series (all times EASTERN): 

#1  Aug 15, 2023  Tue  7-9 PM

#2  Aug 22, 2023  Tue  7-9 PM
#3  Aug 29, 2023  Tue  7-9 PM
#4  Sep 12, 2023  Tue  7-9 PM
#5  Sep 26, 2023  Tue  7-9 PM
#6  Oct 03, 2023  Tue  7-9 PM

Plus 3 practice connections:
  Aug 10, 2023 at  8 PM

  Aug 11, 2023 at 9 AM and 8 PM

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Individualized, Customized 
Tutoring Available
One-on-One with an Active 
Perfusion Program Director 
Hemetech Provides Senior Level Perfusion Educators with Decades of Experience
How to Prepare for College Exams:  The Exam Prep Cycle

See CollegeInfo Geek blog at:


October 12, 2015

Upon request, individual customized tutoring is available to help you resolve perfusion science concepts that may difficult for you to grasp.  The subject matter can range from a list of pre-developed concepts (get that list HERE), or perhaps something not listed but you seem to have issues in understanding.  Mr. Holt would be happy to schedule time with you privately to help resolve such problems.  Please make contact with him to schedule your arranged time.

Educators are available for your preparation experience.  Just because somebody is a perfusionist, that does NOT qualify them as a competent perfusion educator.  Mr Holt is an award-winning, Master's-prepared ADULT educator with years of clinical, clinical educator, and didactic experience at multiple perfusion education entities at the university level.   He is patient with your needs and focused on your success.  Other experienced senior faculty are available as needed.

Ten Board Review Study Tips

Feeling overwhelmed? These study tips for board exam preparation will help you get going and stay on track.


October 2, 2015


    I loved that I was able to sit in my home and relax while following along with the webinar.

— Async Participant, Spr 2020



       I enjoyed the variation of lecture mode for the Basic Science series then the case examples with discussion on the clinical part.  Also, the included webpage had a wealth of information! 



— Contracted Participant, Fall 2019

   Mr. Holt was a fantastic teacher and explained everything very well with out over confusing the subject at hand.

— BSR Participant, Jan 2014



     Overall, I thought it was great!



— Async Participant, Fall 2019

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