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Hemetech offers tutoring in all perfusion subject matter areas from fundamentals to clinical decision synthesis.

Given circumstantial inconsistency of a depth of understanding in perfusion science, perhaps it is difficult to assemble all the pieces necessary for sound comprehension.  Let's resolve those topics you just never caught on too!  Let us help you understand those topics that seem so obscure!

Ancillary Sciences
Perfusion Application
Perfusion Modeling
Perfusion Science

• Body Dimension and Predictions

• Dilution Effects and Amelioration

• Extracorporeal Drug Utilization

• Oxygen Calculations and Predictions

• Blood Management Calculations

• Technology Introduction

• Perfusion Concepts I, II, III

• Perfusion Techniques I, II

• Biochemistry

• Biophysics

• Perfusion Devices

• Pediatric Perfusion Science

• Clinical Perfusion Safety

• Clinical Perfusion Quality

• Extracorporeal Life Support

• Mechanical Cardiac Assist



• Anatomy

• Electrophysiology 

• Pathology

• Pharmacology

• Laboratory Sciences

• Diagnostics

• Physics

• Biomedical Monitoring

• Applied Clinical Practice

• Special Patient Groups

• Catastrophic Events / Failures

• Critical Reading and Review

• Cardiac Assistance

• Periop Blood Management

• Healthcare Management

• Perfusion Ethics

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