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Board Exam Test Prep

Basic Science Review: 

Our Basic Science Review (BSR) program is a comprehensive review of the fundamentals of perfusion science. One cannot technically separate this science from clinical applications, thus any preparation for one exam inevitably overlaps the other, otherwise what is the point of foundation preparation for your professional field? Our Basic Science Review is a traditional-delivered program covering fundamentals of perfusion science, while our Clinical Applications Review is uses problem-based focused discussions integrating case-reports for specific educational purpose.

Clinical Applications Review: 

Our Clinical Applications Review (CAR) uses problem-based focused discussions integrating case-reports for specific clinical purpose.  Emphasis is made on special patient populations, special considerations for perfusion, and specific clinical decision trees.

Cram Session:

This session is designed to answer questions from the group that have been collected during the study preparation process. Questions are solicited from all participants prior.  A full session is scheduled in the absence of enough questions. 

Advantages of Hemetech's Programs:

Targeted content with a specific focus of preparation on the : Basic Science and Clinical Applications, each with sufficient overlap to help steer your success in the testing process.

Our programs are delivered by a tenured Perfusion Education Program Director with more than 40 years of SPECIFIC perfusion science review course experience, in addition to being currently active with comprehensive participation  with multiple renowned perfusion programs.

Our programs are a mix of self-study and LIVE online content delivered to with your convenience to the location of your choice! There are no travel expenses nor travel arrangements.

Our program includes integration of answering last minute questions providing solutions to those last minute questions! 

Extra Sessions - (Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

Though a specific thought-out curriculum has been designed for review, it is possible for a more focused one-on-one series to be arranged at our mutual convenience.  Please CONTACT US for more details!

Test Preparation Process
Hemetech's Perfusion Technology Review Series

This program is designed in specific preparation for perfusion board examinations.  It is structured to occur over multiple two-hour evenings covering strategic topic focus of the Perfusion Basic Science and Clinical Applications Perfusion content.  The live sessions are always recorded for individual re-review at YOUR convenience before the actual testing period.  

Expect every board examination to be different so each review series builds on recent history for targeted emphasized content. The very best strategy for Board Exam Test Prep centers on reinforcing your fundamentals so that you may synthesize solutions to problems presented no matter the scenario.  That philosophy is reinforced with a targeted study plan that can be evidence-based tailored to a test-taker's specific needs.

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